Presidential Regulation regarding the Mandatory Reporting of Job Vacancies

Presidential Regulation regarding the Mandatory Reporting of Job Vacancies


The President of Indonesia, Mr. Joko Widodo, has enacted a new regulation, Presidential Regulation Number 57 of 2023 regarding the Mandatory Reporting of Job Vacancies (“PR 57/2023”). The regulation came into effect on 25 September 2023.

Mandatory Reporting of Job Vacancies

PR 57/2023 supersedes the former Presidential Decree Number 4 of 1980 on Mandatory Reporting of Job Vacancies (“PD 4/1980”) and brings with it various alterations to the obligatory reporting of job openings. This regulation marks a significant shift towards transparency and adherence to labour market guidelines.

PR 57/2023 simplifies the process for employers to report job vacancies by implementing a notification mechanism via an online platform known as the Employment Information System (Sistem Informasi Ketenagakerjaan). Previously, under the former PD 4/1980 regulations, employers were limited to submitting job vacancy reports in writing to the relevant authority.

Employers must include the following information in the job vacancy report they submit:

  1. Identity of the employer
  2. Job position and number of workers required
  3. The time period of job vacancies;
  4. Other information on job position, as follows:

           1. Age;

           2. Gender;

           3. Education;

           4. Skills or competencies;

           5. Work experience;

           6. Wage or salary;

           7. Domicile of work location; and

           8. Any other position related information that is necessary.

After receiving a job vacancy report, officials at the Ministry of Manpower will undertake a verification process. Upon successful verification, these job vacancies will be made readily available to job seekers, employers, and the Government.

This reporting obligation also applies to job vacancies abroad. The difference between domestic and international job vacancies is that an overseas job vacancy report must be in accordance with laws and regulations regarding the placement and protection of Indonesian migrant workers.

In the event that a job vacancy has been filled, the employer will be obliged to report it to the Minister of Manpower via the Employment Information System.

Reward and Sanction

PR 57/2023 stipulates that the government through a ministry, governor, or regent/mayor will provide an appreciation reward of some kind to a company that diligently reports the company’s job vacancies in the form of plaques (piagam) or other forms as may be further regulated by relevant government bodies.

On the other hand, in the event of failure to report job vacancies, employers are subject to administrative sanctions in the form of a warning letter.

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